Bearing G2 Bronson Speed Co


Bronson Speed Co. G2 Next Generation Bearings designed for today’s skateboarding.

Deep Groove Raceways
-Balls roll deep in raceway channels
-Reduces side impact damage & breakage

Straight Edge, Removable Frictionless Shields
-Pop off resistant
-Hold oil in, dirt and moisture out
-Easy to clean

Catégorie : Product ID: 2391


Discover the Bearing G2 Bronson Speed Co., the ultimate choice for skateboard bearings. These high-performance bearings offer exceptional speed, precision, and durability. With their advanced design and construction, they provide a smooth and fast ride, perfect for skateboard enthusiasts. Get the Bearing G2 Bronson Speed Co. at our skateshop in Casablanca, Morocco, and elevate your skateboarding experience.


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