Genuine Parts Medium (90a)


Are your cushions/bushings torn up? Does your board veer to the side? Do edge-to-edge transitions not feel smooth and controlled? You, my friend, are in need of some new bushing/cushions.

If in doubt about which to get, just go with the same hardness and shape you’re used to. But, if you want to experiment, remember that softer cushions are for looser trucks and/or lighter riders, while harder cushions are for tighter trucks and/or heavier riders. Also, conical cushions tend to turn faster and feel more responsive, while cylinder cushions are more stable.

  • Ultra high rebound urethane formula
  • Properly sized to fit Independent trucks
  • New bushings help your trucks to feel new again
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Discover the Genuine Parts Standard Conical PZ and Medium Orange Cushions, the perfect choice for skateboarders seeking reliable and high-performance skateboard components. These Genuine Parts feature a Standard Conical PZ shape with dimensions of 5.00″ (width), 4.50″ (height), and 22.50″ (wheelbase). With their durable construction and precise fit, they ensure optimal performance and responsiveness. The Medium Orange Cushions with a 90a durometer offer a balance between stability and maneuverability. Get the Genuine Parts Standard Conical PZ and Cushions at our skateshop in Casablanca, Morocco, and enhance your skateboarding experience.


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