Jessup Ultra Clear Griptape 9


Jessup Ultra Clear Grip utilizes a manufacturing process which makes the grit more aggressive for extra traction!

Silicon carbide particles bite your shoes for a grippier feel than any other griptape. Easy application to your deck, trims without tearing, extreme durability. When you know the ride you’re looking for, Jessup has got you gripped. Throw your artwork or some stickers under your grip and enjoy the customized ride!

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The Jessup Ultra Clear Grip is great for your downhill setup or high performance setup.

This grip tape is the original 36 grit grip tape that really sticks your feet to the board. Pliable backing makes this grip easily conform to complex concaves of your board and adds for an easily installation every time!

This sheet of grip features a super sticky adhesive backing to with stand the highest temperatures and includes an epoxy overcoating that makes this grip last skate session after skate session.

Jessup Ultra Clear griptape goes on easy no matter how aggressive the concave.


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