Spitfire F4 Lock Ins 53MM 101


The F4 Lock Ins Wheels from Spitfire feature Formula Four urethane making for a fast and smooth wheel with lasting performance. These white wheels feature a 101 Duro hardness which are best for street skating. An asymmetrical shape and design with a conical cut profile on one side and a straight edge “lock-in” cut on the other helps lock into grinds.

  • (F4) Formula Four Urethane
  • Asymmetrical shape and design
  • “Lock-Ins” help to stay locked into grinds
  • Hardness: 101 DURO
  • Longer lasting speed and control
  • 100% true performance urethane
  • Set of four wheels
  • 53mm in size
  • Natural white wheels with colored graphics
Catégorie : Product ID: 2465


Discover the Spitfire F4 Lock-Ins 53mm 101 skateboard wheels, the perfect choice for skateboarders seeking high-performance wheels. These wheels feature a 53mm diameter and a durometer rating of 101, providing exceptional speed and control. With their Lock-Ins shape and Spitfire’s renowned urethane formula, they offer enhanced grip and durability for technical street and park skating. Get the Spitfire F4 Lock-Ins 53mm 101 skateboard wheels at our skateshop in Casablanca, Morocco, and elevate your skateboarding performance.


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