Tensor Alum Rogers (8.25)


The Tensor Aluminum Reaper Box Rogers 5.5″ Skateboard Trucks were developed by Tensor Trucks.
This American brand has been making very light and high performance skateboard trucks for years. They are made of aluminum. This price is for a set of 2 trucks.


  • Light yet strong
  • Smooth grinding
  • Fast turning
  • Traditional aluminium
  • Conventional kingpins for standard adjustability
  • Axle nuts and speed washers

Tensor Size Guide:

Tensor size Truck width Deck width
5.0″ 7.625″
7.5″ – 7.75″
5.25″ 8.0″ 7.875″ – 8.125″
5.5″ 8.25″ 8.0″ – 8.25″
5.75″ 8.5″ 8.375″ – 8.675″
6.0″ 8.75″ 8.75″ – 9.0″
Catégorie : Product ID: 1838


The Aluminum Construction allows you a more consistent board feel when your throwing it round, with the more traditional weight being easier to pull you through your carves in the bowl. The Tensor Alloys are a quality truck at an awesome price point, perfect for your first custom set up.


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