dimensions: 32 1/4″ x 8.5″

wheelbase: 14 1/2″

-Each board comes with a

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Frog christopher miller

Founded by Chris Milic and Jesse Alba 2016 in New York, Frog Skateboards at first seems like one huge clusterfuck: the company’s graphics are little more than unfinished doodles, the videos are weirdly edited accumulations of incompetently filmed tricks and shenanigans, and their comic characters are silly anthropomorphic animals spat out with the skill of a seven year old. Upon closer inspection, however, one can see the outlines of a central theme: it’s not about making sense, it’s about subversive fun! In times when Olympia advocates and core fanatics play tug-of-war, Frog reintroduces a little well-tempered insanity to skateboarding. Chris and Jesse have openly claimed that their logo is a first-try sketch, that they want to produce a deck shaped after Jesse’s dad, skateboarding legend Steve Alba, and that they’re generally not interested in becoming a global brand. Much rather, they want to have fun with their friends, release a new t-shirts every now and then, and do shitty hippie jumps whenever the opportunity presents itself (very frequently). You might call it naiveté, or just plain fucking stupid. But that’s just because you don’t get it. Have you ever tried to piss off a frog? It’ll just give you the finger and hop into its pond. Take that! You can buy Frog skateboards and apparel both in our web store and at our shop in Frankfurt.


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